離開北美洲,坐上歷史悠久的豪華郵輪Queen Mary 2,橫越太西洋,用八日時間前往英國修咸頓。我們在自己的陽台廂房,看著自由神像逐漸消失在水平線上。

We are leaving North America, by way of the historic luxury cruise Queen Mary 2, across the Atlantic. Eight days to get to the United Kingdom where we dock in Southampton. We have our own balcony room, watching The Statue of Liberty gradually disappear on the horizon.



It was a bright sunny day at sea. The blue of the sky and blue of the ocean blue were competing in depths, but it was a draw. Tonight was a black and white themed dress night; I specifically had a traditional Chinese tailored suit made for the ball. Although we do not know how to ballroom dance, we enjoyed watching the dance floor with many amazing couples, which was better than any organised show.


9:00 in the morning I started a fencing lesson in the Queen’s room, I learned simple attack and defence moves. At noon we went to the British Pub for a live football match. Then, British afternoon tea with yummy scones. Put on a tuxedo for dinner, but all of our table mates were absent; it was just the two of us to occupy a 10 person table.


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