坐Greyhound從Atlantic City到New York City,買了1130的劃位車票,但來的幾班車都全部超售,最後排到1330才有位上車。

Taking a Greyhound bus from Atlantic City to New York City, we bought 1130 tickets, a few buses arrived but all were over booked. We finally got on a bus at 1330.
We have been to New York a few times, every time stayed downtown. This time, we couchsurfed Kim’s college buddy Nik’s home in Queens. We strolled around at late afternoon and found out this was a Greek- Egyptian – Chinese mixed area. Nik said it is a relatively safe area at night.

晨早八點先來一份經典紐約Diner Pancake早餐,然後雨矇矇中走去Chinatown,經朋友介紹中午去南華茶室食點心,味道跟香港一樣正。回家之前,去打八十年代的電動同波子機,童心大發。

Early morning we had a classic New York diner pancake breakfast, and then went to Chinatown in the rain. A friend recommended Nom Wah Tea Parlor for a Dim Sum lunch, and the taste was very close to Hong Kong. Before going home, we stopped to play arcade games from the eighties which brought back memories of our childhood.


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