Tonight is green

When I asked people of Frankfurter about green sauce, everyone could tell me it was a typical Frankfurt sauce made with seven different herbs, but no one could answer which seven. When I asked about the Green Sauce Festival, some people had heard about it, but no one had ever been to it. I never heard about the green sauce, and this was the first time for me visiting Frankfurt.


The Green Sauce Festival lasts for eight days. It located in the Rossmarkt, right at the CBD of Frankfurt. I thought it would be like a carnival or a fun fair. There was only a big tent with around 600 seats and a big stage. First came comedians, then a local capella band called U-Bahn Kontrollore intiefgefrorenen Frauenkleidern. Although my German could only pick up half of the joke, the atmosphere was really good and I enjoyed myself very much.


After an hour performance, there were seven different small cups of Frankfurt green sauce placed in front of each guest. The reason for the festival was a competition. Every night there were seven restaurants that offered their green sauce anonymously to the guests. The guests would vote the winner of the night which would get into the finale night.

It was common to have green sauce with egg and potato. They said it also went along nicely with schnitzel. As I hadn’t eaten anything before the festival, my eyes were searching for the schnitzel. But there were only endless eggs and potatoes on the table. Some people had already finished half of the sauce and started discussions.


My first impression of the green sauce was just like having a salad without vegetables. The sauce had such a strong herb flavor that I felt like I was chewing fresh vegetables. Some of them mixed with yogurt, some with cream. They told me that I should try the sauce on egg and potato to see the chemistry. Actually, I was so hungry that swallowed everything on the plate without judging. Eventually, there was only one cup that went out quicker than others. I preferred the one that had less dairy products in it.



The schnitzel never appeared. The show went on again. The winner of the night wasn’t the one that I picked, but I kept a good mood about me when I walked back to the Westin Grand Hotel. More surprisingly, the hotel prepared me a cake with the profile photo of the Ride Back Home Facebook page. It definitely filled up the last capacity of my stomach.



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