Fishy Feet in Taiwan

Who was the crazy person that first decided to put their feet into a fish tank? Better yet, why did they do it and why did this catch on as a way to remove dead skin from one’s feet!? On a recent holiday to Taiwan, the hot spring hotel I stayed at in Guguan had these dead skin eating fish; and of course, I had to give it a go. It was such a weird feeling, like little electric shocks each time a fish took a bite. It didn’t hurt, it was more ticklish than anything, but it was uncomfortably awkward. The small fish were barely noticeable, it wasn’t until a bigger fish took a bite that had me yelping and giggling that everyone around found it funny to watch me experience this. I wouldn’t say I would never do it again, I would definitely give it another go if I found it for free along my travels, but I wouldn’t ever pay to experience this again.


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